Chicago faces a clear choice

Mar 20, 2023

Early Voting for the Runoff Election starts Monday, March 20

ONE People’s Campaign volunteers and supporters showed up STRONG in the February election, and made huge gains for our progressive movement. Now we have to do it again in the runoff election, to get Brandon Johnson for Mayor, Angela Clay for 46th Ward Alderperson, and Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth for 48th Ward Alderperson across the finish line.

Chicago has never faced such a clear choice in the mayor’s race: Brandon Johnson vs. Paul Vallas. Brandon Johnson was a public school teacher, is raising his children on Chicago’s west side, and knows first-hand the impact of violence, lack of access to mental health, and lack of affordable housing has on families across the city. Paul Vallas is backed by the police union and other right-wing extremists, has a long record of closing and privatizing public schools, and has left a trail of surprise budget shortfalls, leading to higher property taxes, around the country. 

We must get out and vote and bring everyone we know with us for a brighter future with Brandon Johnson, Angela Clay, and Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth in office!

Did you know the North Side wards had some of the highest turnout for Brandon Johnson on February 28th? We can make a huge difference in this election. Sign up for volunteer opportunities here.

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