ONE People’s Campaign 2023 Voter Guide

Feb 24, 2023

What is your voting plan

What’s your voting plan?

The stakes are high in this election, so we need every vote and every voice to help us build a Chicago that works for the many, not the few. Did you know only 35% of voters show up for our municipal elections? In 2019, the 46th Ward Alderperson’s race was decided by just 25 votes! Your vote makes a BIG difference!

Here’s what you need to know to have a strong voting plan:

  • Polling places in all 50 Wards are available for early voting February 13 through February 28. Find your polling place here.
  • If you requested a Vote by Mail ballot, send your ballot back with a postmark of February 28 or sooner for it to be valid.
  • Polls are open on Election Day, Tuesday, February 28th from 6:00am – 7:00pm. Look up your polling place using your address here. You can also vote at any Early Voting site, whether it is in your Ward or not. 

Who are you voting for?

Chicago needs strong leaders who will work for the many, not the few! ONE People’s Campaign has endorsed the following candidates because they share our values, have a demonstrated commitment to making progressive change, and all have a clear path to win!

Mayor of Chicago: Brandon Johnson (Punch 5)

40th Ward Alderperson: Andre Vasquez (Punch 51)
46th Ward Alderperson: Angela Clay (Punch 51)
47th Ward Alderperson: Matt Martin (Punch 51) 
48th Ward Alderperson: Nick Ward (Punch 52)
49th Ward Alderperson: Maria Hadden (Punch 51)
50th Ward Alderperson: Mueze Bawany (Punch 51)

Council Member, Police Department 17th District 
Elizabeth “Beth” Rochford (Punch 72)

Council Member, Police Department 19th District 

Maurilio Garcia (Punch 73)
Jennifer A. Schaffer (Punch 74)
Samuel E. Schoenburg (Punch 75)

Council Member, Police Department 20th District 

Darrell Dacres (Punch 72)
Deirdre O’Connor (Punch 73)
Anna Rubin (Punch 74)

Council Member, Police Department 24th District 

Veronica I. Arreola (Punch 72)
EdVetté W. Jones (Punch 73)
Marilyn Pagán-Banks (Punch 74)

Chicago municipal election 2023
Endorsement summary

Dig deeper: Understanding Police District Councils

What are Police District Councils?

For decades, Chicagoans worked to have community voice in policing. Now, we finally have a powerful new tool for police accountability: Police District Councils. On February 28, Chicagoans will vote for three representatives from each of the city’s 22 Police Districts to be their voice for the next four years in public safety and policing concerns. Police District Councils will work with residents in their communities to hold police accountable and keep our neighborhoods safe.

Police District Councils will:

  • hold monthly public meetings to gather feedback from community members on policing and neighborhood safety.
  • share community concerns and feedback with their local CPD commander.
  • expand restorative justice practices and community policing initiatives within their district.
  • nominate candidates for the citywide Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability.

How do I know what District I’m in and who to vote for?

  1. Look up your police district here.
  2. Find candidate guides, news stories, and more info at
  3. If you are in Police District 17, 19, 20, or 24, vote for ONE People’s Campaign’s endorsed candidates!