2023 Chicago Municipal Election

How to Vote in Chicago

The runoff municipal election in Chicago will be held on Tuesday, April 4, 2023.

Early voting is availably March 20 through April 4 in all 50 wards.


You can register to vote in-person at any polling place, either during early voting or on Runoff Election Day.

Learn more about registering to vote, vote-by-mail, early voting, and polling locations here.

Want to get involved?

Volunteer with ONE People’s Campaign to create people-powered change this election! We’re working to get our endorsed, Alder candidates, and mayoral candidate elected. Sign up to phonebank, textbank, canvass, and more!

Sign up now for GOTV shifts for the final weekend before Election Day and for Election Day itself!

ONE People’s Campaign’s Winning Record in 2023

ONE People’s Campaign is proud to share that after thousands of hours of volunteer GOTV efforts, we have helped propel 16 progressive champions into office this year! This is what people-powered change looks like in electoral politics! From Police District Councils to the Mayor’s office, we have grassroots candidates in office who will champion holistic approaches to public safety, real solutions to affordable housing, expanded access to mental health services, vibrant and flourishing public schools, and so much more. Congratulations to all our candidates, and thank you to all our volunteers and supporters.

Image detailing the One People's Campaign Chicago Municipal Election 2023 endorsements. The endorsements include Brandon Johnson as mayor, Angela Clay as the 46th ward alderperson, Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth as the 48th ward alderperson, Maria Hadden as the 49th ward alderperson, Matt Martin as the 47th Ward alderperson, and Andre Vasquez as the 40th ward alderperson. Brandon Johnson, Angela Clay, and Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth all have "Elected!" over their images. Maria Hadden, Matt Martin, and Andre Vasquez have "Re-elected!" over their image.
An image showcasing One People's Campaign's Chicago Municipal Election 2023 Police district council endorsements. For the 19th Police District, Maurilio Garcia, Jenny Schaffer, and Sam Schoenburg are shown with the word "Elected!" on their image. For the 20th Police District, Anna Rubin, Darrel Dacres, and Deirdre O'Connor are shown with the word "Elected!" on their image. For the 24th Police District, Veronica Arreola, Reverend Doctor Marilyn Pagan-Banks, and EdVette Jones are shown with the word "Elected!" on their image. For the 17th Police District, Beth Rochford is shown with the word "Elected!" on her image.